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A Little Committee Work Goes a Long Way

We all have existing demands that take up our precious time: family, friends, work, hobbies, and the newest Smartphone game addiction you just can’t walk away from (…or still trying to figure out the newest Snapchat update. That cannot be just me…”

But the one thing we need to make more time for that often takes a back seat? Volunteering. Whether you are interested in serving on the PRSA Nebraska board or volunteering in one way or another, there are countless reasons to donate your time to PRSA. With the help of Public Relations Tactics, here’s a few:

  • Learn new skills. You might prepare or review budgets, participate in strategic planning, assess an investment policy or build a membership drive — things that you don’t do every day.

  • Teach others. Our volunteer groups are strong because each individual brings a unique mix of talents and skills that they share and transfer to others.

  • Network. You’ll meet other highly motivated ambitious professionals like yourself and make relationships that last a lifetime.

  • Build your résumé. Being a volunteer can help make you more attractive to a potential employer. 

  • Rise above the crowd. PRSA has more than 21,000 members — and 600 volunteers.

  • Gain work experience. Especially in lean economic times, it can be difficult to advance in the workplace. Referencing volunteer assignments that you have successfully completed is a good way to convince your boss that you are ready for a promotion

  • Give back. Help people. We can feel deep satisfaction from assisting others. It’s hard to describe but easy to recognize — it happens when you hear someone say, “thank you, you’ve really helped me.” 

  • Help build something bigger than yourself.  The potential to make a lasting impression is immeasurable.

  • Strengthen your health. That’s right — studies have shown that volunteering for about two hours per week can generate measurable health benefits.

  • Have fun. Volunteering is serious business, for an important cause. However, you can also have fun — there’s laughter and camaraderie even as you are working hard.

So, are you ready to volunteer? We’re here to help you find your place in PRSA Nebraska.

More soon,

Shannon Hilaire
PRSA Nebraska President 

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