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    The "Year of Membership" at PRSA Nebraska

    It's never easy to be the only person in the room who sees danger coming. The one ringing bells and firing up sirens. The one person who says, "This is really a bad idea."

    Public relations and communication professionals are a little like that. We bring a level of prophecy and a little bit of omnipotence into the workplace. Hopefully, you are on a team where your ability to see into the future is respected, honored and sought after. If not, being the lone voice in the wilderness can be daunting and discouraging -- and even that "I told you so" that invariably comes later holds no satisfaction. By then, you have a mess or a strategic plan that simply fell apart. 

    This is an unprecedented time in history where companies and organizations need direction on where to find honest and ethical communicators. At the same time, public relations professionals desperately need support from a village of peers.

    This is what we have at PRSA Nebraska: An established network of public relations experts representing all categories of the profession: corporate, nonprofit, agency, academia and government. Our members have immediate access to cutting-edge research and training on rapid-pace challenges that we face on the job every day. We get together at least once each month to learn something new or to simply spend time together and connect. We celebrate success, and we mourn those we lose. We help each other find new jobs and opportunities.  It's a professional network that takes your success very personally.

    Becoming a member of PRSA Nebraska can open up new doors to you and your career. Having a PRSA member on staff should be a point of pride for any organization. At PRSA Nebraska, we have designated 2020 our "Year of Membership."  By the end of the year, our goal is a 10% increase in our membership. Why? Not because we love data, but because we love our profession. We know from experience that we are better together, and in this era of "fake news" and questionable sources, we understand the power of standing in integrity, together.

    Distinguish yourself. Join and become involved with PRSA Nebraska today. We can't wait to get to know you!

    Don’t miss out! Join PRSA with code FEB2020 to get a FREE 1-year Chapter (up to $100 value) and your initiation/reinstatement fee will be waived (up to $65 value). Some restrictions apply.

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