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    Don't Be Scared this Halloween

    There’s a popular commercial that says: “When you’re in a horror movie, you make poor decisions.”

    But when it comes to your career, you always should make good decisions, including not being scared to speak to your boss about PRSA and supporting your membership.

    Although you might consider it frightful to ask about obtaining a PRSA membership, you may be pleasantly surprised by the result.  Here’s why:

    Your boss might realize you’re not one of those zombies that foot-drags into the office every Monday morning and makes groaning noises all day long. In other words, you’re interested in making the most out of your career.

    PRSA inoculates you and your business with all sorts of anti-zombie tools like “Strategies and Tactics,” up-to-date practices and educational opportunities, including the APR, which can vanquish any monster hiding under your desk.

    No matter what your “horror,” you can connect with experts around the world or in your own corner of it.

    It’s always easier to outnumber the monsters and have the right tools available. Your PRSA Nebraska chapter connects you with some amazing practitioners. These folks are top-notch Van Helsings in multiple communication fields. They can help you come up with proven ways to combat those zombies, demons or vampires that can kill a great public relations plan. We understand the local “monsters,” know how to get results, and we’re willing to help.

    Besides, what can be more fun than slaying monsters together and then socializing? Yes, public relations is fun, and we know how to get together and celebrate, too. That’s much better than hiding behind the chainsaws and whimpering.

    . . . and if the boss says “no” to spending $25 a month on your career growth, we can help you connect to a new job, figure out a way to make the cost of membership more reasonable or steer you to educational opportunities that lead to a less petrifying future.

    What really should be scary for you is limiting your career in one of the toughest and most rewarding career fields. Like the 200 of us who already are members, we think you joining PRSA Nebraska will prove to be a great decision.

    For more information check out the PRSA Nebraska website and complete the online membership application before the Zombie Apocalypse. Make sure to use the TRIPLEPLAY19 code to get a FREE chapter membership, FREE professional interest section and FREE initiation.

    John Melingagio, APR
    Senior Public Relations Strategist

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